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dragon transformation

Name: Mikleo (true name Luzrov Rulay, "Mikleo the Enforcer")
Age: 18
Canon: Tales of Zestiria the X
Canon Point: A few months after the final battle with Heldalf.
Appearance: \:D/
Birthday: No canon birthday.
Height/Weight: 5'5"/no canon weight but assume nothing abnormal
Canon Abilities/History/Personality: Here!
Power: The power to transform into a dragon once every twenty-four hours. He can hold a transformation for twelve hours maximum; it's increasingly physically/mentally stressful to maintain as it approaches that upper limit. The dragon form is about the size of Toothless from HTTYD and has fairly formidable natural weapons, armor, and the ability to fly while carrying up to two people. It cannot talk except by signet telepathy, has no extraordinary breath ability, and is no stronger than a regular predator of that size would be (though, to be fair, that's pretty strong.)
Price: The circlet he inherited from his mother.
Acceptance Month: July 2017
Acclimation Level: #7
Summary of Game History: N/A right now but please look at the beautiful thing Ellie made me.
Physical Affection: IC: may get flustered. OOC: sure.
Violence: IC: not afraid of a fight but won't fight pointlessly. OOC: sure.
Death: IC: will try to avoid. OOC: will also avoid if possible.
Sexual Content: If something develops that way, sure in general?
Power Usage: IC: Would really prefer to give consent. OOC: Surprising the character is fine, but give me a heads up!
Mind Reading: IC: Will actively try to filter himself. OOC: Sure, just let me know.

Backtagging: Yes! I'm a slower-paced player and always willing to backtag.
Threadhopping: Please ask first!
Fourth Wall Breaking: Nope.
Sensitive Subjects: --
Please warn for...: General IC noncon situations/situations where a character's at risk of dying. I'm not at all against having my character deal with those but I'd like not to have them sprung on me without warning.
OK Kinks/No Go Kinks: Let's talk if it comes up.

Name: Seth
Contact: [plurk.com profile] brightwinged / dranachronisms (gmail) / journal PM
OOC Journal: [personal profile] brightwings (rarely used)
HMD: Here!
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Mikleo is a seraph, a type of elemental that is physical and tangible, but can't usually be perceived by regular humans! Anything a seraph does looks like weird ghost activity/accidents/natural disasters, depending on its scale: if he picks something up, it'll look like it's floating (unless it's something he carries on him all the time, in which case it's also infused with his mana and invisible); if he starts casting spells, it'll look like the water's going crazy on its own, forming waterspouts etc.; if he knocks against you, it'll be like you just suddenly bounced off thin air.

For the sake of RP, here's a rough guide to interaction with him:

- If you're playing a nonhuman, they should be able to see and interact with him just fine!
- If you're playing a spiritually sensitive human, they can likely interact with him in a variable capacity. Weaker ability means they can probably sense someone there and/or hear him, middling ability means they can hear him and maybe see a vague blur where he is, and someone with a powerful ability should be able to perceive and interact with him normally.
- If you're playing a regular human with no spiritual sensitivity, don't fret! There are still workarounds -- he can absolutely still be heard through telepathy, for one.

- Mikleo and Sorey can also sense malevolence! This is spiritual impurity caused by negative deeds/thoughts, without a powerful tempering belief in their rightness/necessity. Malevolence can make Mikleo ill in high concentrations, and they'd want to try to investigate and purify someone who had a lot of it. If you think this would be fun to play with feel free to indicate it in your tags! If your character would register as malevolent but you don't want them to pick up on it, that's fine too; we can handwave that their being from different worlds messes with that ability somehow.

I'm super easy OOCly re: how you want to handle these things with your characters! If you're not quite sure how our interactions should go down, or you want to arrange fun ghostly shenanigans, just drop a comment here and we can hash it out. C:
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[you plunge, without warning, into water. it's pure and clear and refreshingly cold, a flurry of bubbles rising around you; you can breathe it, somehow, and move with ease. there's a distant beat at the edge of your hearing, a tidal pulse keeping time in this place.

it's hard to get your bearings. but if you look up towards the surface where the bubbles rise, it's dark, and if you look down, there's a faint bluish luminescence far below you.

which way do you choose to go?]


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feel free to take, but please be polite and credit this journal!


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